Essential Information




  • When pupils are absent from School they are expected to bring a note signed by a parent/guardian stating the cause of the absence and the dates to which the note refers for the classroom teacher. Phone calls or text messages to the office are also accepted (09 4334 818) or email -


  • Please send a note if your child is unable to participate in Sports or Fitness activities.


  • Please inform the Teacher before the end of the day and Sign-out your child from the School.



Emergencies and School Closures


In the event of any injury occurring at school we need to have an up to date list of the following:

  • Home and work contact phone numbers


  • Allergies/Medical conditions and treatment required


  • Emergency contact phone numbers


  • Doctor’s name and phone number


If the school will not be opening for the day e.g. because of flooding an announcement will be made on More FM  at approximately 7.00am and also our Facebook page. If the school is closing early, every effort will be made to notify parents/guardians before children are sent home. Children will remain at school if no arrangements can be made.



Reporting to Parents

Written reports will be sent home at the end of term 2 and 4. There will be an opportunity to meet the teacher at the beginning of Term 1. Teachers are always available to discuss progress with parents. Feel free to phone for an appointment – as Teachers are very busy before school getting ready for lessons.




Year 7 and 8 pupils attend Hukerenui Primary School, during Term 1 and 2 for one day a week, leaving on the bus at 9.00am and returning at 2.40pm.


Supporters and Sponsors

Parents, please support our local businesses

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